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Rethinking Design for a Change


I created Rethink-Redesign in September of 2016 as a way to explore the beliefs, behaviors, and systems we must shift in order to design products and services that extends the single-purpose mindset of business as usual, to one that considers an impact for good. Good design should be good for the planet, for people and profits that go far beyond a seasonal trend.

As a clothing designer, and a recent graduate from The New School with an MS in Change Management and a Post-Masters Certificate in Sustainability Strategies, I thought there might be others willing to share through their personal journeys and stories—as we seek to design and plan our future.

Rethink-Redesign is named after the shift in my own thinking about what it means to be a designer. The similarities in how I approach a design project, from clothing to social impact programs have shown me the value of reevaluating a design approach with a broader strategy— a circular and inclusive model. We can all benefit by rethinking our approach to the design challenges we face. I hope you will explore along with me.


I am a part time professor at The Parsons School of Design in NYC where I teach Sustainable Systems within a design context. I am an independent consultant, in the private and non-profit sector, building and implementing sustainable strategies for change. I also use my art practice of painting to explore the post consumer waste in textiles.

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (AAS), and a clothing designer for more than 20 years I became curious about how things change on a larger scale, beyond the seasonal fashion trends, so I returned to school and graduated from New York University (BA), and The New School (MS). I love to hike, bike to work, be in nature and grow things. I love a good story, so please reach out if you want to connect and share your journey about how you are rethinking your design approach in order to make a positive impact.

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